Friday, December 26, 2008

General Household Adventures

December is AlWAYS busy...twice as busy when you have a toddler. We have been enjoying getting things ready for the holiday season, and for Mike's parents who are joining us this Christmas and New Years. I listed my New Year's resolutions last year...but I am not going to bore you this year. I am simply going to inform you that I have already begun the changes that I want to see results for in 2009. I can actually say I am committing to a resolution!!!! Anyway, Christmas was a success, but we really missed spending it with ALL of our family and friends. However, we hope your holidays were as much of a hit as they were for us.
Owen absolutely loved this present. It is Velcro fruit, and a fake knife so he can learn how to chop food like the pros. I tried to get Owen a kitchen...but daddy thinks only 'girls' should have a I had to compromise with the fruit and a shopping cart. Who says a man can't cook, dad???Strangely enough my son loves to hide in nooks around the house until we find him, and then at that time he loves to strike a pose!
Hey if Owen can strike a pose, why can't I?
Wow, this kid really thinks he's got the chops for a modeling career or something.
More letters...hate how long it takes to make these, but love how much friends appreciate them!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


You be the judge...
( Crying while on Santa.)
( Taking down Christmas ornaments.)
(Standing on dishwasher.)
(Emptying out mommies purse.)
(Owen, dancing on coffee table.)
(Lastly, Owen decides to swing on the kitchen table.)

I am thinking NAUGHTY!

Monday, December 8, 2008

We had the great pleasure of my parents coming to Phoenix for Thanksgiving. It was so great to have them here. My Mom and Dad are the true definition of what parents should be. They are caring, selfless, patient, and they have always and will always put their children first. We had a fantastic visit, and it was really tough to see them go. These fantastic photos are courtesy of my VERY talented sister, Jamie. She is in the bottom photo with her children...Tyler, Zack, Maddisann, and Taylor. (Husband, Jason is behind the camera for that one.)

Friday, December 5, 2008

Crazy Eight Tag.

I have been tagged...normally I show no interest in such things, but Owen is asleep and I happen to be online so...why not?

Eight shows I endorse:


-Women Behind Bars

-America's Next Top Model

-So You Think You Can Dance

-American Idol



-E! News

-Chelsea Lately..oops is that nine already?

I am choosing to skip restaurants I love, because there isn't one that doesn't carry something I could learn to enjoy!

Eight things that happened yesterday:

-I worked out

-Re-read Twilight

-Googled Robert Pattison (wow, I am a loser)

-Made dinner

-Took Owen to the park

-Downloaded some music

-checked my blog

-had a HORRIBLE nights sleep

Eight things I am looking forward to:

-The new movie with Brad Pitt

-Owen enjoying Christmas

-Having another child (maybe in this lifetime)

-Loosing weight

-Having Mike's parents in town

-a vacation with Mike in March

-Seeing changes in the White House

-Sleeping tonight

Eight things on my Christmas Wish list:


-a sweater

-work out clothes

-for my family to be here

-Owen to say just ONE word



I tag...






Wednesday, December 3, 2008

To my love...

I have never enjoyed Owen as much as I am enjoying him now! It is such an amazing thing to watch your 'baby boy' grow into their personality, and show you glimpses of who they are about to become. He is such a sweet boy, always happy and laughing. Yet also serious, curious, and reflective. I never thought my love for Owen could blossom to this degree!! I am just loving this age, and I felt it important to document it so I can reflect on this when I do have those rare bad days. My mom really put it best when she said, "Liz, can we duct tape Owen up to keep him this size forever?". Don't I wish!
Owen is loving his new backpack...thanks grandma!

Owen can only give love when he is 'feeling it'. I guess he wasn't feeling it today...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Like father, like son!

Anytime Mike goes missing you can bet your bottom dollar that he is sweeping the tire marks of the driveway. Weirdo!

Sure enough we caught Owen outside attempting to please his father with all his might to get that very noticeable tire tread to disappear! Don't you love the fun quirks we pass on to our children?

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Due to a broken camera...I am reduced to mooching family photos. I may not have much to post until this camera situation is solved ie NEED A NEW CAMERA (hint, hint).

Anyway, These photos are from our trip to Portland. Mike's brother and sister currently live there, and we haven't been there in a couple years. No better time to visit than during their beautiful fall season. We had a wonderful time, and as you can see we stayed quite busy!
Owen and his cousin Ben. How lucky is he to have a playmate only one week older than him??
This is the Portland clan! Between us, Mike's brother, and sister there were 10 kids total.

Kim might kill me for this photo later, but we had to capture the true mess of carving pumpkins!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Back Splash, Owie, and Crafts!

I can't express it enough: I am the luckiest girl ever! I love my new back splash, and the husband who afforded me to have it!

Look at my poor son! "Daddy, can I get a backyard now that mommy got her tile???"
"Oh I wish, I wish daddy would add grass, a swing set, a purgala, and a hot tub for me and my friends!"
I have learned a thing or two about home renovations...they are EXPENSIVE. So my extra curricular activities need to be significantly cheaper. Look what I created out of $10.00!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A night without the kiddos...

We spent last night out with our friends Amy and Tony. With them having twins, and us having Owen you can imagine that getting together without the kiddos is quite a feat! We had so much fun, and it was nice to have some stimulating adult conversation with two very intelligent and funny people. If you haven't eaten at the White Chocolate Grill, you are surely missing out. They have the most delicious white chocolate brownie for dessert!

Wow, I must have said something really funny!

Yes she is...the mother of all desserts!
The gang!

Monday, October 6, 2008


We were able to visit Albuquerque a couple weekends ago. This was my first time going back since our move in January. We made the trip back to visit our dear friend's new baby girl, Emery. She is SOOO beautiful! I had to steal some pictures from her blog for you all to enjoy! Loved meeting her, and seeing our "Albuquerque Family"!
We also had the pleasure of revisiting our first home. It was uh...interesting! I thought for sure I would want to pack up and move right back to our starter home, until I realized that we lived in the freaking ghetto. Why did we not see the signs when their was a drive by shooting across the street, or the woman who came to my door in the middle of the night to tell me her boyfriend tried to kill her. We were blinded by the sanctuary we created on the inside...trying to forget the chaos on the outside. So to all our friends and family who came to visit, and never suggested that we get the heck out of that neighborhood...feel lucky that we are still alive!Meagan and Liz pre-children! Not sure why I thought it was okay for my tummy to be showing.
This is Emery. Isn't she perfect!
Thanks for a great visit guys!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hi again

So I guess I'm not really on a blog strike any longer...just not much to blog about I guess. Well... we are in the process of getting a back splash installed in our kitchen!!!! Soooo excited for that to happen. Many of you have wondered how a back splash can possibly come before completing our back yard. To answer your question: 1) it's cheaper 2) I would like to see our inside complete before we work on the outside 3) Owen is in that "I want to touch, eat, and play with rock" stage. So even if we put some grass in our back yard...he will naturally gravitate towards the rock anyway! I will update my blog with pictures HOPEFULLY next week when it's completed. Other than that, we are just getting through a month of Mike traveling for work as well as gearing up for some great vacations.

Here's the run down of our future travels and visitors:
*San Diego in two weeks with some friends.
*Portland (for Halloween) in 4 weeks to visit Mike's brother and sister.
*My parents here for Thanksgiving.
*Mike's parents for Christmas.
Yikes, I CAN'T wait!! Keep ya posted on the back splash!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Blog Strike

As all bloggers experience, I have hit that nasty bump in the road where NO ONE is commenting. I can't help but feel that everyone is sick of seeing me post about Owen. Look, I am not that interesting people! Therefore I am forced to put my son on parade, whether he is doing something miraculous or not.

I will try to be better. And by better, I don't mean another post about a dream staring Robert Di Niro. (That seemed to be the start of my "comment" drought). So, if you are an avid reader of "Adventures in Owensitting"...hang tight...I may be on a bit of a strike.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Random Adventures with Owen

My Mom bought Owie his first rocking chair...and he LOVES it! Thank you Grandma!!!

Try to use your imagination...I understand that this video is side ways, but he looks so cute. Not to mention he is walking quite well these days!

So this is my way of entertaining Owen while I get ready and get out the door! I know seems a little unsafe, but he hasn't driven through the garage yet. I love this clip!! He looks so independent!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

What a dream!

Okay, so I had a dream that I ran into Robert De Niro at Scottsdale Fashion Square. I told him how great I thought he looked in person, and of course he asked me to accompany him to Starbucks. We had an amazing connection, but I was still in love with Mike. Sorry Robert De Niro! However, he is officially my new famous star crush.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bentley and Owen

"Hey Owen, are in interested in swapping Best Friends Necklaces?"
My girlfriend's husband was at a work meeting for.... get this........4 weeks! Seeing as though Mike was also out of town during Jessica's husbandless hiatus, we spent much of that time together. I am quite fond of her, and luckily Owen is quite fond of her son Bentley!Love the tan lines boys!!!

Owen can find joy in anyone's toys, but his!

What am I doing wrong? Why is the pacifier becoming MORE of a necessity for Owen instead of LESS?

Let's just say that by the end of this bath, a majority of this water was on the floor rather than the tub!