Saturday, January 26, 2008

Trip to Ohio

Did I mention that Owen is sitting up on his own??Poor guy...his eczema flaired up SO bad that we had to take him to an urgent care in Ohio :(
Before and After...amazing what a prescription of Mometasone Furoate Cream can clear up in a couple of days :)

Currently, Owen's favorite toy

Everyday Grandma would snuggle up Owen in her bed while she got ready for work!

Mike has been scheduled away on business trip, after business trip. During his two week trainings in New Jersey and Vegas...Owen and I spent some time with my parents in Ohio. We had a really good time. Having family around to help made those two weeks without Mike FLY by.
It was really great to see my family, and spend some much needed time with my sister Mandy. Now we are back for a few days before we make our move to Phoenix next week. I have our new address if anyone needs new phone number yet! Anyway, here are some recent pictures of Owen.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Trip to Phoenix!

Ahh, what a successful trip to Phoenix. We had hoped to look at a few homes to get and idea of what we wanted, and head right back home. Luckily the looking stopped on Saturday...I could not have handled looking at one more house. There were many things we loved about each home, and each community but only one neighborhood and layout that really caught our eye. You know that feeling of "oh, we are home"? When you have that feeling, you know you have arrived! So here is a run down of the trip, visit with friends and family, and a sneak preview of our house...for further details you must VISIT! Trip starts with a loooooooong drive to Phoenix. With Owen at the wheel we made it in 6 hours!
This is it...prettiest home on Old Paint Drive

Meet our neighbor...mountain side

Love our kitchen...even the counters have a name...Uba Tuba. We have double ovens, great for holiday cooking (hint, hint...come visit)

This is our 'informal' living space off of the kitchen
View as you enter the front door

View from formal living room
This is our upstairs loft overlooking the formal living room
My FAVORITE room in the house. Owen's bedroom! I absolutely love the recessed niches with the three baby windows.
This is what we will be waking up to every morning. Never had a fireplace in a bedroom before...hey, never had a fireplace period.
Master bathroom...every girls dream!
Lastly this is our stunning view from our bedroom balcony. No neighbors, just a million dollar view.

This is our friend Amy and Tony's baby twins...Addison and Mackenzie. We have been desperately trying to move closer to them for 3 years...we finally got our chance.

Can't forget our amazing niece and nephews. Taylor, Maddison, Zach, and Tyler. We are so looking forward to sleep overs, and movie nights. It is SOOOOO nice to family just 20 minutes away.