Friday, December 26, 2008

General Household Adventures

December is AlWAYS busy...twice as busy when you have a toddler. We have been enjoying getting things ready for the holiday season, and for Mike's parents who are joining us this Christmas and New Years. I listed my New Year's resolutions last year...but I am not going to bore you this year. I am simply going to inform you that I have already begun the changes that I want to see results for in 2009. I can actually say I am committing to a resolution!!!! Anyway, Christmas was a success, but we really missed spending it with ALL of our family and friends. However, we hope your holidays were as much of a hit as they were for us.
Owen absolutely loved this present. It is Velcro fruit, and a fake knife so he can learn how to chop food like the pros. I tried to get Owen a kitchen...but daddy thinks only 'girls' should have a I had to compromise with the fruit and a shopping cart. Who says a man can't cook, dad???Strangely enough my son loves to hide in nooks around the house until we find him, and then at that time he loves to strike a pose!
Hey if Owen can strike a pose, why can't I?
Wow, this kid really thinks he's got the chops for a modeling career or something.
More letters...hate how long it takes to make these, but love how much friends appreciate them!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


You be the judge...
( Crying while on Santa.)
( Taking down Christmas ornaments.)
(Standing on dishwasher.)
(Emptying out mommies purse.)
(Owen, dancing on coffee table.)
(Lastly, Owen decides to swing on the kitchen table.)

I am thinking NAUGHTY!

Monday, December 8, 2008

We had the great pleasure of my parents coming to Phoenix for Thanksgiving. It was so great to have them here. My Mom and Dad are the true definition of what parents should be. They are caring, selfless, patient, and they have always and will always put their children first. We had a fantastic visit, and it was really tough to see them go. These fantastic photos are courtesy of my VERY talented sister, Jamie. She is in the bottom photo with her children...Tyler, Zack, Maddisann, and Taylor. (Husband, Jason is behind the camera for that one.)

Friday, December 5, 2008

Crazy Eight Tag.

I have been tagged...normally I show no interest in such things, but Owen is asleep and I happen to be online so...why not?

Eight shows I endorse:


-Women Behind Bars

-America's Next Top Model

-So You Think You Can Dance

-American Idol



-E! News

-Chelsea Lately..oops is that nine already?

I am choosing to skip restaurants I love, because there isn't one that doesn't carry something I could learn to enjoy!

Eight things that happened yesterday:

-I worked out

-Re-read Twilight

-Googled Robert Pattison (wow, I am a loser)

-Made dinner

-Took Owen to the park

-Downloaded some music

-checked my blog

-had a HORRIBLE nights sleep

Eight things I am looking forward to:

-The new movie with Brad Pitt

-Owen enjoying Christmas

-Having another child (maybe in this lifetime)

-Loosing weight

-Having Mike's parents in town

-a vacation with Mike in March

-Seeing changes in the White House

-Sleeping tonight

Eight things on my Christmas Wish list:


-a sweater

-work out clothes

-for my family to be here

-Owen to say just ONE word



I tag...






Wednesday, December 3, 2008

To my love...

I have never enjoyed Owen as much as I am enjoying him now! It is such an amazing thing to watch your 'baby boy' grow into their personality, and show you glimpses of who they are about to become. He is such a sweet boy, always happy and laughing. Yet also serious, curious, and reflective. I never thought my love for Owen could blossom to this degree!! I am just loving this age, and I felt it important to document it so I can reflect on this when I do have those rare bad days. My mom really put it best when she said, "Liz, can we duct tape Owen up to keep him this size forever?". Don't I wish!
Owen is loving his new backpack...thanks grandma!

Owen can only give love when he is 'feeling it'. I guess he wasn't feeling it today...