Sunday, October 24, 2010

T-Ball : Go Sluggers!!

We have tried our hardest to expose Owen to everything that we can. How else will you ever know what your children are into, and good at? T-ball has been our recent adventure. He is playing for team Sluggers, and he is number 13! I wish I could say that he loves it, but I am not sure that baseball is in his future. I asked him today if he loved baseball, and he sweetly looked at me and said "NO!". We also quite frequently find him laying on the bases after he has walked (not run) to them. He is so silly! It has been fun to watch him, and get him involved in a team atmosphere. Sadly, I think he will retire from his t-ball career this year :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Vegas Baby

Mike and I (no kids) enjoyed a looong weekend in Vegas. It was so much fun. I unfortunately forgot my camera...but google had a lot of photo options to steal :)
Honestly, I was excited but not sure what to expect. We first opted not to do any shows to save some money while we were there, but that went out the window the minute we realized there was nothing else to do except shop, gamble, eat, and drink. So we decided to see Phantom of the Opera, and it was AMAZING. Some lady near us commented that this was her 10th, and best time seeing this show! We also saw Cirque De Soile's, Mystere'. That was also very cool, not the best show I have ever seen...but very cool, and unique! Other than that we shopped more than we should have, ate at Cafe Rio one too many times, watched the Billagio Water Show and Volcano explosion more than I ever cared to, and slept through the night for the first time in 12 months!!!! It was great, would recommend anyone who has never been there to try it at least once.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Presley's Birthday!

The Cake. No, I did not make this. A very nice lady in a hairnet at Albertsons put this together :)
Presley's loot. Unfortunately, for Pres, a little Pirate named Owen thought all these treasures were his!
On a beautiful Sunday night in Phoenix, we enjoyed the sunset and some cake with friends.

Presley and her very cute girlfriend Kamryn played a little, you push me I'll push you! And made it back just in time for some tea!

What did I tell you about this little Pirate...Presley never stood a chance to enjoy her toys before bed with these two around.
Jessica, me and Stacey (I might add that all of our husband's names are original)
So little did I know that...(A) 4 inch scorpions existed, and (B) that they preyed on small girls. This one truly darted at Presley, and tried to sabotage her very last moments of her birthday celebration. In a last minute effort to save her life, our poor friend sacrificed his clean sandal. YUCK!!
What is with us and Scorpions when we have company?? I swear these nasty things only come out when there is a party going on. For further examples please refer to this previous post!