Tuesday, January 27, 2009

secure in his manhood

Yes, these are Owen's first pair of girl jammies! They were too cute to pass up. I figured Owen was man enough to pull these off, and with a fist full of rocks there is no denying that this kid is all BOY!
Owen has be exploring the wonderful world of...(drumroll)...dirty clothes hampers. Yes, that is right! For what ever reason he takes anything he can find, ANYTHING, and disposes of them in our various hampers through out the house. See for yourself...
Maybe it's just me, but there is nothing like the sound of your children's laughter!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Stay at home crafts...

I like every now and then to post about something other than Owen...imagine that!! So I figured I would post some more of my recent crafting, so I can feel that I have more to show for my day other than watching the Doodle Bops, feeding Owen, changing diapers, and going to the gym.
(Okay, well I am going to post some video of Owen, but we have to add something on here for the grandparents.)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

We had a wonderful 9 day visit with Mike's parents. I think we all wondered how we were going to fill 9 days with events and activities. Surprisingly enough, we stayed quite busy and enjoyed every minute. I truthfully could have had them stay 20 days, and it still wouldn't have felt like enough! Thanks for the visit. Owen thought he'd take the liberty of waking up grandpa at the park.
We had a picnic and enjoyed a train ride around Anthem Park.

Nothing like the boys doing some bonding in the back yard!
Julie, Roger, Mike and Owen
Owen decided the floors needed to be swifered...pretty sad when a 17 month old can out clean a "house wife".