Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Love my girl...I do, but this week has been very challenging. She has been refusing to eat, crying when I try to nurse her, and eventually skipping meals. I feel so rejected! No ear infection, not sick, and apparently not hungry. Has anyone else experienced this?? Is it just a faze? Oh well it's frustrating, but luckily I have pictures like this to remind me how special my little Presley is!

On to my man Owen. He on the other hand has been progressing leaps and bounds. About three weeks ago he really started embracing crafts. Coloring, painting, building blocks, counting...you name it he loves it. I would love to credit myself, but I must actually credit his montessori school we have put him in. He goes two days a week, and LOVES it. His speech has totally increased from about 10-15 words to 30-40. He is even putting two, to three words together! Lastly, I thought the day would never come but he is eating with a fork. He NEVER would allow us to help him eat with silverware, and now he is using them like a pro. Way to go, Owen!!!