Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sedona and other adventures...

Look at my pride and joys! I couldn't believe I found a moment where the kids weren't fighting...it had to be documented!
This was from quite a bit ago over the summer, but I could resist posting it.

We had a chance to hit the beach, and Sea world with the Corbins a couple months ago! It was so great, and I have more pictures to post of our time at the San Diego temple. For now I will just post these pics of Owen and his best buddy, Bentley! So cute.

There is my darling, striking a pose even after a two mile hike! That's my girl!

I am convinced that I had by far, the busiest Thanksgiving known to man...

woke up

ran a 5k

made food

ate food at 1:00pm

played with kids

ate some more

drove to Grand Canyon

got hotel

went swimming!

Only to then spend the next day on an awesome Jeep Tour in Sedona!