Sunday, November 9, 2008

Like father, like son!

Anytime Mike goes missing you can bet your bottom dollar that he is sweeping the tire marks of the driveway. Weirdo!

Sure enough we caught Owen outside attempting to please his father with all his might to get that very noticeable tire tread to disappear! Don't you love the fun quirks we pass on to our children?

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Due to a broken camera...I am reduced to mooching family photos. I may not have much to post until this camera situation is solved ie NEED A NEW CAMERA (hint, hint).

Anyway, These photos are from our trip to Portland. Mike's brother and sister currently live there, and we haven't been there in a couple years. No better time to visit than during their beautiful fall season. We had a wonderful time, and as you can see we stayed quite busy!
Owen and his cousin Ben. How lucky is he to have a playmate only one week older than him??
This is the Portland clan! Between us, Mike's brother, and sister there were 10 kids total.

Kim might kill me for this photo later, but we had to capture the true mess of carving pumpkins!