Friday, April 29, 2011

Anthem Park and Holidays past...ooops!

Owie and mommy enjoying the park!
Honestly....the jelly shoes are amazing, right?

Owen and his buddy Cooper have made it a habit of running off with my wagon at the park. Today I found it under the play gym, and hidden behind a bush. Last time it was on the play gym almost ready to go down a slide. Pretty funny!

I never posted Christmas or Halloween pics...but how could I resist posting these cute memories?

Little blurry, but here we are matching at our ward Christmas Party

Looks like Owie found the perfect "pumpkin"

I think my friend Amy wanted to feel out what it would be like to be part of the Roth family...don't worry, it didn't last long!

Here is Owen and his buddy Guy at their school's Halloween bash :)

Peter Pan! He lived in this costume for 2 weeks.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring is here!

I love spring in Arizona! It, in my opinion, is the most colorful and beautiful time of year! The last two springs we have been lucky enough to witness a real birds nest being built, eggs being laid, and baby birds hatching! Oddly enough I have a wreath on my door with fake nests attached...apparently a perfect decoy for a real one!! We now have 4 of the cutest blue eggs I have ever seen. I will keep you updated as the baby birds arrive :) The other thing I love about spring is the inspiration to create! I have been crafting away, and I CANNOT stop. My mother asked me to document the madness, so I added all my recent decorations and creations!3 decoy nests The real deal !!
Which inspired this...
and this!
this photo collage idea I totally stole from my sis in law...but I did make the letter, hand paint the medallions, and make the two children in the pics! ha
Ah, my windmill banner. I call it my "spring banner", mike called it trying to hard and took it down. Sad!
My runner creation, and table scape
If you love Pottery Barn, then you have seen these live moss letters selling for $79. Yikes, I make mine for $10.
Another farewell shot of my banner...see you next spring...or in the trash.
Who could resist posting this shot!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Time for another photo shoot...

may I just say that my sis is a genius! She managed to get some great photos even though my kids were grumpy, tired, and completely wild! Love you Jamie! You are so talented( (this is one of Owen's best buddies....Bentley) We were able to coordinate a few shots together!