Thursday, September 17, 2009

One last belly shot...

This is my best friend from the 8th grade, Tracy. After looking for each other, and wondering about what the other was up to for YEARS we finally found each other on face book. Sometimes you question whether getting in touch with someone after so long is a good idea. Who knows they could be weird, or mass never know. In this case it was a great decision, because she hasn't changed a bit!! She is the same great, free spirit that I remember. Our lives have taken an eerily similar path as well. We got married around the same time. She has a son the same age as Owen, and we are both expecting baby girls at the same time too. Creepy hun? Anyway, I thought this story worth inspiring someone else to try and find someone from your past!! This also may be my last belly shot until the baby comes, so I thought I would document it.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Move over! The baby is coming...

Well, the baby's not really coming, yet...but it feels like a baby hurricane has passed through the Roth household. I have finally put together Owen's new room, figured out a name for the baby (Naomi Elizabeth), and finished her room. All the while, making crafts along the way. YES, I have been busy!
Naomi's Room...

Recently completed crafts...1) car seat cover, not really a craft. I bought it!
Letters for Naomi's room
Letters for Owen's room
World's shiniest binkies! (Thanx for the idea Stacey)