Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Finishing Touches

We are finally DONE...until we decide to add something new tomorrow :) ! At least I feel complete with what we have accomplished in our backyard. Thanks to some help from the parentals, Kadair's Landscaping, and a local handyman we have the yard of our dreams.Kind of hard to tell, but in the picture above we did a built in seat wall.

Is everyone ready for a housewarming party???

Halfway point...

I am officially half-way complete with this pregnancy, and it has FLOWN by! We are getting so excited the closer it gets to her due date. Don't get me wrong, I am still nervous that I will forget everything it takes to care for a newborn!! Not to mention I am hoping Owen won't smother his little sister with his blanket. What?... you say!! Yes, Owen's idea of a fun play time is smothering Mike until he pretends he is dead. Great parenting, I know! So, once we overcome our small fears we are ready to welcome this little one into our home

My scare is that we have NO concrete girl names to consider. We refuse to say we got our daughter's name from a "baby name" book. We would prefer to say that we came up with something unique and amazing on our own but that is not going to happen either! So.... we would love ANY SUGGESTIONS ??? Can't wait.