Monday, July 21, 2008

Week Happenings...

Shall we start with the good?? Mike had the opportunity to visit with some of our dear friends in Albuquerque, Brittany & Steve. We were practically inseparable for a time, so it was so good for him to see them again. We are hoping to have them out for Labor Day Weekend to show them around our neck of the woods. They were so kind to give Owen the most ADORABLE birthday gift, of which we had to document.... Thank you, Duncans!
No pair of shoes will ever top these baby New Balance tennies!

Continuing onto the good...
Mike and I shared a quick, but wonderful date on Saturday night. We ate at Tommy Bahamas, walked around Kierland Commons, and shared some good memories of our dating history. I can see why dating is SO important after kids. Our conversations usually consist of poopy diapers, bath time, and friendly banter of who's day was more difficult (mine,with Owen. or Mike's, with work). You almost start dedicating your date night conversation to the same topics, until you loosen up and focus on each other. It was WONDERFUL!
Now moving forward to the bad...
We have a few roommates in the house who are not paying rent, and continue to abuse their stay in our home. We will just call them Mr. and Mrs. Scorpion, and their extended family. They have taken up residents in some of the most unusual places. For example:
Mike's shorts!! Let me narrate this photo for you! Mike puts on shorts. Mike feels a painful poke on his butt. Mike gets scared. Mike feels another poke on his leg. Mike sheds a tear. Liz says, "Mike, take off you shorts already. It's obviously Mr. Scorpion!" Mike takes shorts off, and out comes this:

Oh yeah, he was big. This is Mr. Scorpion enjoying a refreshing bath in scorpion killer!

This is Owen, fearing for his life!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Owen's favorite Jam!

I am not sure why, but Owen is loving our CD of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing show toons. He seems to only want to dance the track number 2 on the CD. We can always count on him crawling over to the stereo and dancing away to his favorite JAM!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Owen

Okay, so I did go a little crazy with the presents for Owen's birthday. So what came of all the overly expensive birthday gifts....a million toys that Owen over looked to play with our $3.00 home accessory. Go figure!
Well he did enjoy a ride with Elmo, on his bouncing zebra!!

So this really should have been our son smothered in frosting from his first taste of pure sugary, birthday cake! Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it! This in fact was our son at his birthday party.....

Thanks to uncle Jason Owen did squeeze in a little cat nap.

Never thought I could get Amy to conquer a day at the pool with two curious, newly walking, untrained swimming twins...but she did it, and the party would not have been the same without her!
For those of you who are HUGE fans of are in the presence of Cinderella aka(Becky). No joke...a real princess from Disneyland!! I had to pay her to show up, but she refused to ware the costume :)

This is my brother in law, Jason. And my very talented Cello playing, singing sensation niece, Maddison.

Taylor, where have you been? She was swimming laps...laps in 100 degree weather, while everyone ran for the shade with a plate full of cookies.

Becky and Taylor...and the head of their son Jameson!

Mike was such a big help today. I was really happy to see him smile, relax, and enjoy the pool.

The END to a perfect day!

Monday, July 7, 2008

The 4th

We spent the holiday with Mike's brother, JJ, and his family in Denver. We had SUCH A GOOD TIME. They really know how to entertain. They kept everyday packed with something fun. We spent one day at the Denver Zoo...AMAZING. Almost all the animals were within reach, or easy to see. We occupied the rest of our time with BBQing, jumping on the trampoline, eating out, and swimming. If you haven't been to Denver, I would highly recommend it! Owen's first Popsicle...and last!
Preparing for the Zoo.

Owen with cousins Sydney, and Paige
Enjoying looking at the Polar Bears under water.

Man, this Hippo was FAT. And we had the pleasure of watching the zoo keeper clean his teeth...that will cure an appetite.

Post zoo.
Owen and Abby

Really good fire work show!

Owen's excited face

Owen always gets a little sassy after vacations.