Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy Birthday to me...happy birthday to me..

Couldn't you just die over my new shoes??? They are loud, but fabulous. I love the color, the ruffles, everything. Except for the comfort level...little painful.
Well beyond the shoes, my big 29 was a success. I started the day with emptying poo out of Owen's big boy underwear, and I thought "another b-day down the tubes". Not the case! Mike surprised me and took the rest of the day off, and then surprised me with 2 really cute tops from J Crew. I mean come on...who's husbands can shop for their wives, and get it right? We then dropped off the kiddos, and ate (alone) at Cheesecake Factory. It gets better...they had a coupon for a free $8 piece of cheesecake. Yes, it was great! I loved every well wish, every happy birthday song, every gift, and every moment I spent with the people I love.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

T-Ball : Go Sluggers!!

We have tried our hardest to expose Owen to everything that we can. How else will you ever know what your children are into, and good at? T-ball has been our recent adventure. He is playing for team Sluggers, and he is number 13! I wish I could say that he loves it, but I am not sure that baseball is in his future. I asked him today if he loved baseball, and he sweetly looked at me and said "NO!". We also quite frequently find him laying on the bases after he has walked (not run) to them. He is so silly! It has been fun to watch him, and get him involved in a team atmosphere. Sadly, I think he will retire from his t-ball career this year :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Vegas Baby

Mike and I (no kids) enjoyed a looong weekend in Vegas. It was so much fun. I unfortunately forgot my camera...but google had a lot of photo options to steal :)
Honestly, I was excited but not sure what to expect. We first opted not to do any shows to save some money while we were there, but that went out the window the minute we realized there was nothing else to do except shop, gamble, eat, and drink. So we decided to see Phantom of the Opera, and it was AMAZING. Some lady near us commented that this was her 10th, and best time seeing this show! We also saw Cirque De Soile's, Mystere'. That was also very cool, not the best show I have ever seen...but very cool, and unique! Other than that we shopped more than we should have, ate at Cafe Rio one too many times, watched the Billagio Water Show and Volcano explosion more than I ever cared to, and slept through the night for the first time in 12 months!!!! It was great, would recommend anyone who has never been there to try it at least once.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Presley's Birthday!

The Cake. No, I did not make this. A very nice lady in a hairnet at Albertsons put this together :)
Presley's loot. Unfortunately, for Pres, a little Pirate named Owen thought all these treasures were his!
On a beautiful Sunday night in Phoenix, we enjoyed the sunset and some cake with friends.

Presley and her very cute girlfriend Kamryn played a little, you push me I'll push you! And made it back just in time for some tea!

What did I tell you about this little Pirate...Presley never stood a chance to enjoy her toys before bed with these two around.
Jessica, me and Stacey (I might add that all of our husband's names are original)
So little did I know that...(A) 4 inch scorpions existed, and (B) that they preyed on small girls. This one truly darted at Presley, and tried to sabotage her very last moments of her birthday celebration. In a last minute effort to save her life, our poor friend sacrificed his clean sandal. YUCK!!
What is with us and Scorpions when we have company?? I swear these nasty things only come out when there is a party going on. For further examples please refer to this previous post!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Birthday Photo Shoot: pres turns 1

Why won't she stop growing? Never thought I would say those words. With Owen I could not wait for the next phase of life...always pushing him to do MORE. Now I just want the growing to stop! I want to package her at 12 months and keep her this way forever. Don't get me wrong... Pres has her bad days, where I wonder "who else could cry this much in one day"!!! But man those good days could melt your heart. She is a true joy, who loves to keeps us on our toes. Love you my Pres, Pres!

If I closed my eyes and pictured Presley, this photo captures every detail in my mind!

Happy Birthday! Thank you Jamie for your talent, your generosity, and your love to create. You amaze me everyday!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Disney: Round Two

We were able to visit Disneyland again. I know...our kids are officially spoiled! This time we had some friends join us, and it was so great! Having friends to enjoy this adventure with felt like a whole new experience. We were able to venture onto some of the adult rides (imagine that). Nothing really more to say, other than the trip was truly seamless. There wasn't one aspect of the trip I could think to change. Every day was filled with some hillarious, and special moments! No fits, no meltdowns, no fights, no kids getting sick, no sleepless nights, no complaints! Disney always delivers! Pres was gearing up for the trip at old navy...every girl needs some shades at Disney
Owen and Bentley were enjoying all the expensive treasures that Mickey had to offer! Toys, hats, shirts...the works!

Family time on Its a Small World

Pres was a bit camera shy

Loved the Mickey Farris Wheel at California Adventure! Such a great view of the park.

Nothing like a stroll with your best buddy at Disneyland

We became the picture bandits. We would get owen as close as possible to each character and shoot, with out waiting in line. People wanted to kill me!

BEST THING WE DID! The evening water show at California Adventure. So magical

Mike and Mike

Nothing like some wet bums after Splash Mountain!!

Owen enjoying our last moments with dad, and his new toys!

Way to end the trip, Pres!