Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Zoo and my belly

Mike, Owie, and I went to the zoo Saturday morning! The weather was perfect, and we had the best time. I guess they just installed a new splash pad, and it is amazing. We spent the majority of the time playing in the water. As requested here is the long awaited belly shot. I am 30 weeks, and the time has flown by. I am feeling gradually more tired, but overall pretty good!!Here is my stud muffin enjoying the sun!
Here is a half belly shot...and yes I do wear garments! I had just gotten back from the gym.
Owen was quite curious of these strange animals. This particular one had a gimp leg, and a lazy eye. Poor guy!
"If I hide here they won't find me."

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Family Update

I have been gone from the blogging circuit for a bit, but I am back and the best word I can find to describe how I have been is BIG. Yep, everyday someone asks me if I am due soon. Or I get the very flattering, "boy you are about to pop." Unfortunately, I wish I could say I didn't have 2 and 1/2 months left to go...but I do! No complaints though, I have to say this pregnancy is going quite well. I haven't had any concerns, and I have felt well enough to continue my regular work outs. Speaking of working out, my advice to anyone who considers it during should. When I am feeling completely drained of energy only two things have helped; a nap, and some exercise! So other than being pregnant, I am nesting in a very crafty way. I am currently getting Owen's new room together, and the baby's nursery completed. That sums me up.

Owen is doing great. He turned two this month, and is really turning into a boy. I say boy, because he felt like my 'baby' for so long. He has never talked much, but now he is starting to repeat words when he feels like it. I am just hoping that he is storing all of this vocabulary and information, and soon he's just going to let it pour out!! He is loving Thomas the Train, and anything Cars related. If you have ever wondered what to entertain your children with...sticker books are the key. He could spends hours with his stickers, and yes, they are ALL over the house.

On to Mike. There is never enough to say about Mikey. He is blossoming at work as always. His company is thriving, even through this economic crisis. We are very blessed!! Besides work, he has been running like a mad man! He has lost a lot of a healthy way...and now we weigh the same. I know, I want to die. As he finds he can't fit in certain clothes anymore he'll always ask if I want them. Thanks, but NO thanks! I have to say even for how busy Mike has been, he has really chipped in a ton a home. He does all the yard work, and any and ALL chores that I don't seem to finish. So with that, Mike is pretty much the man of the year!

That sums up how we have been. As soon as I get the kids rooms done I hope to post those soon!!