Thursday, March 17, 2011

Blog Neglect

At this point does anyone even fallow my blog anymore? I hate when people fall off the face of the earth with no explanation! I guess life is my only explanation this time. I am not even gonna bother with the catch-up photos. I will just simply pick up where we are today :) Life is good! We are happy, kids are growing, and things are changing. Mike has had some job changes that are confusing to say the least! No point in explaining, he is employed! I am enjoying motherhood, crafting, and our recent travel to Spokane!
Kids loved their very own ice cream cones...never mind that it was 45 degrees out.

We had to invest in winter clothes while visiting Mikes parents in Cour de'Alene, ID. Presley's first snow suit!!

Ah, such a grandpa's girl. She calls him Gaga!

A beautiful afternoon as we walking on the swimming dock near his parents house.

Not kidding...this kid still naps 2-4 hours! Gotta love it

Pres and cousin JJ enjoying a quiet moment at Home Goods

Lastly a sunset, a date night, your sweetheart, and a hike...what could be better?