Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Friday, August 8, 2008


Sorry for making you stare at the same post for several weeks. We just returned from a wonderful vacation to Coeur d'Alene, ID, and Canada. We spent 10 shorts days with Mike's family, and it was heaven. Our days consisted of great food, good company, picking raspberries, swimming, and loads of entertainment. I put together a small montage of our trip, I hope you enjoy!
Owie is debating jumping out this window after a long plane ride, and several delays. Just a small taste of the beauty in Canada

This is a celebration picture of sorts. Let me explain...Mike neglected to check the date of expiration on his passport before entering Canada. (Yes, it was expired) After a four hour drive, we would have NOT been happy to pack up and head back to his parents house. Luckily, we have some fine men working for our government and they also neglected TWICE to catch the expiration date. And so, this is us celebrating that we made it past the border!

If it was legal to drive at 12 months this kid would have already have several tickets!

When we got tired we just let the boys take the wheel!

This is Mike's sister Lisa, and his dad enjoying the view as we were leaving the Ferry.

I could wake up to this everyday!

Hey, I can still strike a pose while hiking!

We stopped at this gorgeous waterfall just before leaving Canada.

This is my best attempt to capture of shot of Owen's baby teeth.