Saturday, June 26, 2010

Anticipation of a 3rd birthday...

Have you ever wanted to get your child excited for their birthday? I have the fool-proof tactic, take them to Albertsons, show them the demo birthday cake with their favorite Disney characters atop, and let them know, they can get one too...on their birthday! It is all I have heard about for 2 months! Also, if you have a great and talented sister, like I have, you could have her take a pre-birthday photos to celebrate the occasion! (I actually am using these fabulous photos for Owen's birthday invitations.) Thanx Jamie!
This upcoming birthday will be so special, seeing him recognize becoming a year older and wanting to celebrate it! I can't believe my BABY Owen is going to be 3. He is such a unique soul, and Mike and I have enjoyed getting to know every aspect of his special personality! Owen has been very intriguing to watch grow. It has been a slow process, but he has finally (over the past year) communicated to us who he is, what he loves, what he doesn't love, what makes him sad, and what makes him the happiest. Presley has been the total opposite! From the minute she was born, she made her presence known. She knew exactly who she was, and she was not afraid to let you know if she was or was not happy with something. I love that about her, but she has also made me appreciate the slow anticipation of getting to know Owen that much more. I love both of my babies for all that they are, and for the special individuals that they are becoming!
I hope that Owen feels special, and very loved on his upcoming birthday! We Love you Owen.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Where in the world is Liz?

First and foremost I have been busy with the kids....always busy with the kids! After our beloved trip to Disneyland, my mom came to stay in Phoenix for 3 weeks. I wish I had at least one photo with her while she was here, but she is not into photos and I am not into seeing myself with braces! That's right you heard me...BRACES. Yes, somewhere along this crazy month I did the deed in attempt to correct my snaggle tooth! In addition to braces, Mike and I celebrated 7 great years of marriage. We had a wonderful and relaxing getaway at the JW Marriott. It only lasted one special night but that was just enough to remember what it felt like before kids, feel refreshed....okay, and miss the kids too! And to top off the madness I have been doing nothing with my free time other than crafting. I took part in a Crafting Boutique Party, and was able to sell a ton a stuff!!! It was a nice feeling to contribute to society other than just being with my wonderful children all day. There you have it. My crazy month in a nutshell. I loved every minute of it! Here is my baby....already crawling!
Owen enjoying his "favorite" toy for the day. I totally scored and got this Handy Manny for $8 at Kohl's!

Happy Anniversary to ME! I so wanted this antique church bench, and Mike surprised me with it! Love you Mike!

This was our moment of relaxation at the Marriott. My idea of a day away. A gossip magazine, the sound of no kids, and the sun!

I didn't take any photos of all the things I made for this craft fair, but here is my latest creation!!!