Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sedona and other adventures...

Look at my pride and joys! I couldn't believe I found a moment where the kids weren't fighting...it had to be documented!
This was from quite a bit ago over the summer, but I could resist posting it.

We had a chance to hit the beach, and Sea world with the Corbins a couple months ago! It was so great, and I have more pictures to post of our time at the San Diego temple. For now I will just post these pics of Owen and his best buddy, Bentley! So cute.

There is my darling, striking a pose even after a two mile hike! That's my girl!

I am convinced that I had by far, the busiest Thanksgiving known to man...

woke up

ran a 5k

made food

ate food at 1:00pm

played with kids

ate some more

drove to Grand Canyon

got hotel

went swimming!

Only to then spend the next day on an awesome Jeep Tour in Sedona!


Corbin said...

Looks like so much fun! I love the pics of Owie and B from our Cali trip!

The Beck's said...

The Jeep tour sounds awesome :) And I think there is hope for Pres & Owen! I'm sure they'll be best buds ;)