Friday, August 19, 2011


Gearing up for our non stop flight to Cour De Alene, ID. Kids were great, and so excited to see Grandma and Grandpa!!

We loved relaxing on their hammock! It was the first thing we did outside.

I mean HONESTLY, look at my mother in law's garden!! I can't even keep my cactus alive :( She has red, and yellow raspberry bushes and the cutest miniature strawberries
Awwe, the smell of her cilantro was so amazing! But my fav is actually her Swiss chard...yummy!

We spent a couple days downtown at a annual art fair 'Art on the Green". It spans about 3 miles along the downtown strip, which happens to also be on the lake. So we would shop, swim, eat, then shop some more!!

We spent a relaxing Sunday afternoon sitting on at Honeysuckle Beach

My absolute favorite memory was the Michael Buble concert. It was fabulous, and I have a new crush :)

We spent a fun day at Silverwood Theme Park. Just a really fun, mini Disneyland!

My two favorite men!

Perhaps my most treasured shot of the trip!

A very kind pilot in Mike's parents ward took Mike and I out on his Cessna plane! Phenomenal views...thank you Roger and Julie!!

Our view from the flight

Boating with Mike's brother's family at their lake place!

Funny story: We head out for a two hour drive to go rafting, and floating on the river. An hour into the drive we loose his parents, and brother for a full hour on the road. This is us stranded with no reception, and NO idea where we were going. We eventually were found by his dad...woo hoo!

Clearly we ran out of things to do!

It was all worth it...this was our view from our campsite!

After tubing we just vegged on this beach! Heaven

Mikes sister was passing through town, so we got to see her for literally 10 minutes at this McDonald's. Sad!

Lastly, enjoy my all time favorite song by Michael! I will not confess to the singing in the background...I would like to think it was the lady next to me!


andi said...

Gorgeous! I've only driven THROUGH Idaho- I had no idea it was that beautiful! What a fun trip!

Jilly Bean said...

What a fun trip! Visiting grandparents is the best. And Michael Buble...? Lucky girl!